Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cameron Whitten incident

This is another example of the useless Oregonian covering an incident that has no actual reason to be in the news.

My guess is because it makes the streetcar operator look bad. And we all know that the Oregonian loves covering stories that make Trimet union employees look bad.

The bottom line in this story is that the operator had the right to ask Mr Whitten to leave him alone. Mr Whitten did not comply. The streetcar operator had him removed, which is his right.

Mr Whitten was then given an citation, unjustly,  which I am totally against. The DA did the right thing dismissing the charges. The whole thing is another tempest in a teapot and has no business in the local newspaper. Mr Whitten tried to play the race card here. Sorry, I listened to the audio, race had nothing to do with the operator asking him to leave. I don't know about the cops motivations however.
Portland Streetcar trespassing charge against community advocate Cameron Whitten is dismissed |

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