Monday, May 18, 2015

Steve Novick on the new light rail line


Unknown said...

What's the point of these videos again? People in Portland have a great time on Friday nights, but that doesn't mean you should capture it and try and use it and say "Look at this mess". You live in Portland, get over it. And that last one, that train was full, so it's not just a small population using it.

Al M said...

Political satire.

Funny how some people get so upset when a contrary point of view gets expressed in this lovely little city.

The only people that are profiting from this whole boondoggle are the contractors and the developers.

Oh I suppose some actual citizens will enjoy the ride more than the 33 ride.

But the actual 33 riders are gonna hate this cause now they will be forced to transfer from what used to be a one vehicle ride

Unknown said...

How is that political satire? Taking videos of drunks on the MAX, OK, What's your point? Would you rather have them driving? Everyone who rides MAX has somewhere to be, weather that's the next club, home, or school. I actually ride route 33, I much prefer the MAX to bus, allows for more room on the train, and goes to new destinations that I need, such as OMSI and OHSU.

Al M said...

The point is that if people think riding light rail is gonna be 'fun' they are in for one hell of a surprise