Friday, May 15, 2015

Portland Oligarchs couldn't care less about the average citizen

Thousands of people need to get to work on Sunday mornings. Many of them are working class and don't have access to a car. These oligarchs and their stooges have no concern whatsoever about these people.

 Having a 'run' which the vast majority of citizens could care less about that disrupts the lives of ordinary people  is the height of disrespect. Especially since there are multitudes of locations to have a 'run' and not disrupt the lives of ordinary citizens, like the spring-water trail for example.

I just don't get why the whole city has to suffer so a bunch of obsessive compulsive people who spend a significant portion of each of their days running around in circles get to have the entire city as their track meet?

Oh yea, I forgot, its a public relations stunt, its so tourists will come here.
Everyone knows that the tourist business is more important than Joe Sixpack's life.

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