Saturday, May 9, 2015

Trimet knows how to play the public

When it comes to manufacturing consent Trimet is one of the masters. 
Why would anyone actually be 'excited' about a new light rail line?
The former 33 riders now have to transfer to get into downtown so they have no reason to celebrate.
I suppose the bicyclists view this bridge as some sort of 'victory' although all the other bridges allow bicyclists. 
Hikers might enjoy the view but is it really that much different than any of the other bridges in town? 
Of course Trimet union employees should be upset because this new light rail line has been one of the reasons that they lost their health benefit package.
Its a new light rail line, big deal.
More government owned infrastructure, expansion of government power.
More bully boy cops to harass riders, unfair citations, constant delays.
Why would anybody give a damn about it at all?
The only  people celebrating should be the ones  that made fortunes off the $1.5 billion dollar project and the Trimet executives who packed their paychecks by skimming the 'administrative costs' off the top

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