Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Henry Beasley statement of candidacy

Now that the campaigning is under way.....
With a lot of thought and soul searching I have decided to challenge for our local Union chapters Presidency. If you have questions concerning my candidacy feel free to ask your questions here, I’ll do my best to answer each and every one. But first please watch the video.
Henry Beasley
Your brother on the front line.
Union Strong

My platform:

1. Actual transparency: We have a duty to act visibly, predictably and understandably to promote participation and accountability. Simply making information available is not sufficient to achieve transparency without accountability.

2. Actual accountability: Ensuring that officers are answerable for their actions and that there is redress when duties and commitments are not met. Report/explain/justify all decisions to members.

3. Integrity: Adhere to moral and ethical principles while rebuilding and protecting unionized values. WE ARE YOU VOICE NOT YOUR EMPLOYER!

4. Veted information: Provide properly veted information while getting it out in real time.

5. Upgrade how we process information: By upgrading our software needs we can shorten the time spent on grievances (example: This would save us time and money with our labor lawyers. No more copying files, physically driving documents to locations, and incurring courier expenses. As a result, our members receive faster and efficient service from their union representatives. Allows our Shop Stewards and Liaisons access to file grievances and allows our Executive Board access to files for management meetings. 

6. Rebuild our Shop Stewards program: Our Union is not whole without Shop Stewards who represents and defends the interests of her/his fellow employees but who is also a labor union official. Rank-and-file members of the union hold this position voluntarily while maintaining their role as an employee of the companies we serve. As a result, the union stewards become a significant link and conduit of information between the union representation and rank-and-file workers. Communicate and disseminate official union policy, memos and directives to workers in the shops. Popularize and promote union consciousness and values in the workplace. Shop Stewards will become the Unions Presidential Advisory Committee (UPAC).

Giving back to the membership: 2 Programs
1. Start a grant program with 2 winners. Working with our retirees and create 2 grants for Union members children graduating and going to college.
2. Working with the membership to bring the T.E.S.T (transit employee support team) to the union. The T.E.S.T’s goal was to provide help to those workers derailed by catastrophic illness or injury providing basic needs (Food & Shelter). For us it will be temporary help while going through illness or injury.

Henry Beasley talks about ATU757 and TRIMET from al m on Vimeo.


Goonies said...

I want our RIGHT to STRIKE back just like SEIU, Teachers, Teamsters, longshoreman have no strike no union....PERIOD

Al M said...

Without the right to strike there is no real need for a union, true

Chris Day said...

The problem is once a law is in place it is hard to get it out... We are now viewed as important as Police meaning if we did strike it would shut down the city... To get that power back will not be an easy task at all...

Unknown said...

Then beware of House Bill 2544: Binding Arbitration for all.


Goonies said...

So its Illegal for Teachers in Washington to go on STIKE, but guess what they went on STRIKE.

Goonies said...