Friday, May 8, 2015

Sometimes you need a machine

Bruce Hansen is one of the nicest guys you'll ever know
Sometimes you have to learn the hard way about things. I found out that 'the machine' is better at taking care of the needs of the many than a 'nice guy'.

Bruce Hansen is a nice guy, everybody knows that. Its virtually impossible to not like Bruce. But his greatest strength is also his greatest flaw.  Trimet union members have lost big time since Bruce has been our president. I get lots of reports about Bruce chumming it up with Shelly (Lomax). Apparently they are great pals. That's really bad news for the rest of us.

I admit I made a huge mistake in not voting for Ron Heintzman. Some of my most trusted friends tried to inform me of this before I cast the vote, but I didn't listen. I was too worried about the "Heintzman/Hunt machine" and getting them out of office.

Well let me tell ya, I've learned the sometimes you need a machine.

Ron Heintzman was a past president of the ATU International! Yet idiots like myself passed up on the opportunity to have a past president of the international as our local leader. 


megaton said...

If you vote for B,l,h you will get
Mr H. Say good bye to joint labor.a machine that has closed multiple
grievances and put half a dozen operators back to work.not to mention the tens of thousands of dollars in suspensions.I will keep Hansen.and keep communication open.peace out

Al M said...

The point you are trying to make in order to defend Bruce actually proves my point.

You have just admitted that this piece of shit tyranny called "trimet" has been using its own employees as hostages to use against the union.

Bruce has to go

megaton said...

Once again you miss the point.operators need people to fight for them.if we go back to the days of two parties not communicating.the operators will be at a disadvantage.

Al M said...


So why exactly do operators "need people to fight for them"

Answer: because the company believes in fascist principles and will use human beings as leverage to get their way in the bigger picture. Example: The screw with a few drivers they don't like and trade them for Bruce giving into throwing the retirees under the bus.

You can't fight fascists with reason and logic. They will step all over you until you are dead.