Thursday, May 21, 2015

Trimet drivers vs Trimet drivers

The pressure that Trimet drivers exist under causes these kind of events in the workplace. The fault for these sorts of events lies squarely with bad management


Ryan said...

The 4 needs to be broken in 1/2 Rose quarter to St. Johns and gresham to down town. I do enjoy long runs (77,20 and i really liked the 12 that went from Gresham to Sherwood. The 4 is just to busy and has to many problems

Chris Day said...

I have been driving the 4 for years and busses stacking up is a very common thing. The 4 is a unique line with many challenges. With the 4 it isn't only the run it is also the time slot. Each time slot on the 4 has it's own unique issues. The 4 schedule is tight and there are areas that a driver can make up time. There are just some driver that are able to make it work out and others that just can't handle it. The drivers that have issues daily tend to place blame on others and continue having the same issue usually daily. There are days when all of a sudden things go smooth. Usually when that happens is when the problem line is being filled by an extra board driver... lol

Ryan said...

Chris Day ( busses stacking up is (very common) but you give NO Solutions. The 4 is a Unique line BUT you give NO solutions. full of talk but no solutions like I gave