Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Neil Berlin running for Light Rail executive board

I would definitely vote for this guy if I could.
"How stands the day?"
In case you can't read that this is what it says:

-Trimet wouldn't know the truth even if they just made it up!
-Trimet abuses contractual rights in safety, discipline, seniority and benefits
-Trimet is negligent with the priority repairs of operators seats,mirrors, monitors etc etc
-Trimet is not scheduling regular cleaning of operator cab interiors and refuses to provide gloves, masks, sanitizer and first aid supplies.
-Trimet is encouraging unethical treatment of personnel
-Trimet is grossly negligent in allowing only train recovery in the paddle scheduling
-Trimet is corrupting The National Safety Councils guidelines in regards to the rights of operators when it comes to accident reviews.
-Trimet is indifferent to the unsanitary conditions at operator layovers and rest room facilities 

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