Friday, May 8, 2015

Is this blog "fair and balanced" ?

One of my good friends, Jeff Ackerson, called me today and expressed his concern that I am not fairly reporting events.
I have nothing but respect for Mr Ackerson so I take what he has to say to me very seriously.
I tried to explain how I get information for this blog.

1-My personal observations primarily based on social media
2-Direct feedback from current operators that I have stayed in touch with.
3-Information sent to me from employees or riders that I do not know personally but have contacted me via email.

This information goes up on my blog as long as its traceable to an actual source. Nothing on this blog is "made up" by myself.
This information that appears on this blog is available for anyone with a web browser, its not protected and its not part of some 'secret' hidden component of an institution. 

When information gets posted to my blog that may be inaccurate both the union and Trimet can easily make a comment and point out that the information is inaccurate.

Neither the union or Trimet does that. 
Both prefer to 'ignore' me. 
That's on them.
 If information on this blog is inaccurate and these institutions prefer to ignore that fact then the post stands as factual. 

If any reader sees anything on this blog that is factually wrong, then it is up to that reader to make that fact known.  
Yes I have edited entire posts due to readers comments.
Just ask Max Campos or Jason Mchuff both of who constantly challenge various postings

It is true that I am a pissed off ex-employee. I'm pissed off because my union and my employer conspired to rob me of what was promised to me when I retired. Every single one of my posts on that topic will reflect that anger.  Many of us retired because we thought we were locking in benefits. That turned out to be a lie. Many of us may not have retired had we known that these commitments would be breached. But here we are, the poor hapless Trimet retirees who actually believed our company and our union would honor their obligations.
Us poor suckers get creamed  while Bruce and Neil continue getting their six figure salaries and absurd pensions.

Jeff also says that I am ignoring all of Bruce's accomplishments. I told Jeff I don't know what his accomplishments are. I am no longer employed at Trimet so whatever is going on over there is basically unknown to me. It's up to Bruce to highlight his accomplishments. Bruce is certainly welcome to do a guest post or interview with me. Bruce maintains that what he has done regarding the contract was absolutely essential. If he had not acquiesced to the Trimet demands employees and retirees were facing horrendous cuts. Do I believe him? I know it was a possibility but on the other hand giving Mcfarlane everything he wanted after all these years of fighting seems like a total surrender.

Bruce Hansen maintains that he got the best possible deal for Trimet employees/retirees and prevented even worse cuts from happening

I know Trimet is a brutal ruthless institution. They may have fooled the public with their masterful public relations department but I (and others of course) know what they are capable of. Would they seek to destroy all of their employees in order to 'get their way'? Of course they would. Union labor is all replaceable and valueless to the Trimet executives. 
They replace union employees just like they buy new equipment.
In fact the reward for striking an employee is the same as damaging a piece of Trimet equipment.  What else do you need to know?

I haven't been able to forgive Bruce for his throwing the  retirees under the bus.  

Maybe eventually I will be able to forgive him for that.
We will see what happens when this current contract expires.
If Trimet comes back for more than we know Bruce was played.
We don't need presidents who can be "played".

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