Thursday, May 7, 2015

Queen of crazy on ATU presidential candidate Henry Beasley

Ellen Fox made the following statement on the HENRY BEASLEY VIDEO

I would be very cautious in judging Beasley's behaviors. Beasley is marketing himself. He isn't removing himself from conversations cause he doesn't want to 'lower' himself. He removes himself cause he's at a loss for words. We all have differing experiences with each other but... If you have time / interest you might watch some of the videos he's published. Watch his 'soothing' words, voice, posture, hand positions, etc. they are professionally marketed. Even down to the lighting in the room. He's been doing this for a very long period of time. He's selling a product and as I watched these I realized they were rehearsed.

The truth is that this video was made with ZERO rehearsal and no preparation.
I'm not sure how Ellen comes up with this stuff but its highly entertaining fiction. 
Her imagination is really extraordinary.
I really didn't want to bring Ellen back onto this blog but she is running wild  these days attacking various people with the viciousness that she is so good at.
She's a Bruce Hansen supporter, and actually advertises that.
That alone should be enough for people to vote for Henry.

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Unknown said...

She sounds like a Republican ranting about Obama because he comes across educated and well spoken.....wouldn't want any of that!