Thursday, May 7, 2015

Trimet 'officially' ends its block signup experiment

Boy did this raise the blood pressures of hundreds of Trimet operators.
So why didn't they say that there would be an evaluation before the one year?
Most likely because they figured they could get the whole  year.
Why did they stop it early?
My guess is operator outcry


Unknown said...

It doesn't say beyond the end of the pilot program, what's going to happen after that. so technically it's not over.

AL said...

Well anyone that knows Trimet knows they can't be trusted anyway

Speakerofthepeople1 said...

I agree with Henry, it's not over, just a break, my guess would be because of elections! TriMet wants Bruce back in office, they will settle grievances, push the block runs out until after the elections, a few pay offs of members and Bruce is back in business. A small price for TriMet to pay for the future loses we will take. ATU will continue to pay Bruce while he gives up our benefits, working conditions, and seniority. It's unfortunate that Henry and Shirley couldn't have come to a united front, splitting the vote won't help anyone but Bruce.