Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sometimes I wonder about Joe Rose

Joe has done some pretty good investigative stuff lately, no doubt. But then there are other Joe Rose articles that really make me wonder just how impartial is this guy?
Take this latest clusterfuck, I listened to almost the entire clusterfuck via the scanner.

If you listen to the Trimet scanner you can say you know what's going on at Trimet.
And I know that Joe Rose knows what I know because he subscribes to my personal twitter feed and the scanner twitter feed.
So why does he leave out such important components to a story?
One has to wonder, here is my comment on his article.

There is a systemic problem here that is being ignored.
If it takes that long to find something so small then the transit system has serious engineering problems and more serious flaws in its troubleshooting procedures.
That means there has been some very bad, even incompetent management at the top.
A well designed and managed system should be able to troubleshoot this sort of thing quickly and efficiently.
Obviously that is not and has not been the case.

And Joe your story is pretty incomplete.

You completely left out the MAX breakdown on the west side and the resulting evacuation of riders.
Some particular reason you left that out?

You also left out the fact that the controllers desk top computers crashed in the middle of the crisis, a kind of important fact don't you think Joe. Controllers were directing MAX traffic blind. Kinda important you know from a safety point of view.

All of this points to a very incompetent management, something else not mentioned. I wish I had a job where I could screw up this bad and face no consequences.

One is too assume from your article that the whole thing was 'just standard stuff'.
It was hardly standard stuff.

Sometimes I wonder about you Joe, are you really being impartial? Seems to me you leave a lot of very important facts out of some of your stories. Facts that make the management of Trimet look bad are sometimes left out of some of your stories. Not all your stories, just some of them, like this one.

So they never figured out how the downtown core lost power?
That's sorta scary isn't it?
On Sunday 5 substations went down at once, that should have been a clue something is wrong. 


she said, is looking for "federal and local funds" to help with the improvements.

~~~Hey Mary, I know where you can find $1,000,000 right now, Give back those executive raises, you'll have $1million extra for maintenance every single year forward.

MAX mess: Tiny surge protector at Steel Bridge caused massive system failure | 


Steve Fung said...

Good post Al.

Al M said...

They had to evacuate a whole train full of people through a fence, kinda a major item to leave out of a new story.

The controllers loosing their computers is hardly chicken feed either.