Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lies and more lies

Fed to the sheep and the sheep eat it without even understanding what they are eating:

""It should be no secret to even the most uninformed, low information type that unfunded pension liabilities are threatening to destroy our Country.""

The TRUTH is that the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX is destroying this country. This threat to the country was even detailed by a past president DWIGHT EISENHOWER.

 All the so called 'unfunded obligations', which were intentionally left unfunded, could be wiped out if the military industrial complex and American's empire building was ended.

It's also interesting that the Oligarchs claim that the 'unfunded obligations' are threatening to destroy this country when every single one of those obligations is owed to Americans themselves.

In other words, in order to save the country it is necessary to destroy American citizens.

Don't buy the lies

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Anonymous said...

Does the word "Bail-In" mean anything to anybody out there?
Think it can't happen? Look around, it already has. The only question is who is next.