Saturday, July 14, 2018

Call July 13

Baby stroller criminal
UPS hit mirror
Nail in bus seat
Bus driver injured
Bus is damaged
Great radios
Bus driver complains about bus driver
Drunken belligerent was gonna ram bus
Loud verbal. Using profanity
Accident report. Shouldn’t be a p.a.
She’s fighting with people on the bus
Bus in crash
He’s just going insane
Always something
Mr Cobb
Sounds like a baby stroller criminal
Cell stolen on bus
Injured on bus 88
Hi Tom it’s Ron hi Ron it’s Tom. Trench
I’m getting really bad looks
Weird transmission
Seniority doesn’t help. Masterbator
Bus stop rocks bus
Females drops coffee on way into bus
Priority. Missed turn
Bus driver moved barricade
Lift rider requests ambo
Max involved
Car ran red and hit max
Bloody lift bus


Al M said...

This is the last blog post for trimet radio calls due to time constrictions. See my twitter for calls

Jason McHuff said...

"Weird transmission" was a LIFT covert mic

Al M said...

Was that what that was?