Monday, December 21, 2020

Scanner highlights December 20


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1267 “he has a real attitude”

7512 KTA

1269 has mentally ill person —->DITCH

7508 “he’s very violent”

Cleaner she’s pulled apart

Dispossessed headed to die in the ditch

5768 wheelchair died  too bad

7509 long metal pole and belligerent “I’m not doing ok” not a good time to be a bus driver (shoulda just drove)

4467 “she’s yelling at me about me driving”

4468 “he’s acting extremely threatening telling me to shut the fuck up”  Sounds insane she scared him to jail

244 COVID 19

935 no relief 

2436 has rider standing next to barrier he is a dispossessed

7340 kill all wagon riders  tell them do get in the ditch

2137 pickup on sandy and won’t ever leave SANDYYYYYYY

7867 just wanted a place to sleep but he’s dispossessed in da land of da free home of da dead

404 dispossessed in da land of da free

2040 another piss bus

7868 lost and confused  send to ditch


2040 won’t get off

667 “he spilled his beer and took a leak and it smells bad”

7509 “he was drinking and had a weapon and I kicked him off” he has a pipe

4468 wants banned for life cause she was verbally assaulted

670 he wants to use public transportation DENIED get in ditch

7869  “he is swearing at me he is crazy”

Lift COVID-19

Dispossessed ditch person dying in the ditch

Ditch person tries to get into bathroom

70 accident report non preventable

670 wants to ban some lady. He’s kill them all

Gas cans. Kill them all

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