Wednesday, December 16, 2020


467 glass is broken "all up here" its a drama 1904 "I don't even know what just happened" ಠ_ಠ 257--->DITCH 602 "truck hit the bus"

602 just a scratch and running light 3501--->DITCH

Unamused face

Water pistol "she stole his money"-one legged man "he strangled her" no police report no stats 7504-bottle of wine

"throwing big bags of trash all over"

906 PU

5271 Folding Wagons?

4874 Line Training

1707 Loud&Verbal I told him to shut up.

1506 Operator No Relief

401 Spray Painting the shelter. Why call this in?

812 operator is sick-fit test

812 6th&main tied up

467 Guy Spray Painting the bus shelter. Who Cares! Just Drive!

1709 Loud&Verbal Refuses to put his mask up

7702 Smoking strong weed. Ditch!!!

468 Sleep

Sleeping symbol

937 PU Ditch!!!

468 Breaking glass bottles on max tracks.

2042 operator stomach is not good

3309 Ditch question about riding around.

9470 Priority Wanted man

7512 Drunk&disorderly

3311 Ditch!!!!

1708 Silent alarm

Police cars revolving light

Sounds False!

2-1708 Silent alarm

Police cars revolving light

5102 Mirrors

Dispatcher just coming on duty. Partner didn’t tell her about any reroute.

1274 Medical


There’s something wrong with his knock. So many medical



1710 Fell out of the seat. Bring out the ditch!!!

2-1710 Ditch!!!

3-1710 Ditch!!!

1710 Paramedics have released me.

7516 Won’t wake up at Hollywood TC.


7516 9-11 in route Is he breathing? If not need to get CPR started.

7516 Passengers want the other bus


7516 The person woke up! She’s goona go back to sleep

Sleeping symbol

. Your just a KTA demeans Queen



7516 Drop off only?

Damn Doors


1507 "I'm coming down with the flu"  "I need to sign off I don't know how to do that"   sending out two operators 

2037 The ditch lady has calmed down.

7238 Cans&no room

Dispatch says it’s heartbreaking and no resources available. Life in the Ditch in America.

Customer Conduct! Mentally Ill and in the Ditch...So many Ditch calls!

468 Gentleman can’t really walk. Wants to go to the train station.

667 HOP

673 Leave en the ditch!

Passenger assaulted?

1237 No Pouch

Another Ditch call!!!!

Give me a big nasty ditch ⁦

9906 9102 Can go out of district to get that.

242 Priority 5th&Flanders blocked

401 Offroute

04 Loud&Verbal Knodding in & out

411 Red House Reroute

3201 Short line & Offroute

Line 35 Sellwood stop

Stop sign

3303 Reroute confusion!

3303 Faucet handle? Clarification!

3134 Breakroom sink is broken

3568 Line Training

5267 Just kick him off and send em to the ditch and be done with him.

5267 Dispatch says reassess this. Ditch!!! Ditch! Ditch! Ditch! KTA!!!

6268 Driving her old route

7252 Operator left their vest at town center

ALWAYS MIKE-7504 Scanner Star

Medium star

It’s Mike


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