Friday, December 4, 2020

Trimet scanner December 3 (0000-1219)

 These calls come courtesy of @realripcity twitter  


Stop biohazard

3035 32 minutes late

5768 ADA is walking around everywhere due to sciatica

2034 name calling

Protests bike thrown

602 says cleaners aren’t cleaning and taking pictures

5467 “bottle of liquor he starting going off on me”

1269 mask drama

944 hits a bus mirror

5467 porta potty being left open KTA 

7505 “scratching and picking he has bugs”


Scanner ⭐️ Off route

3515 fare evader real jerk  driver upset

668 “I don’t want to do something stupid”

5775 man says he needs medical ditch time

901 having stomach problems

5467 bike has crate driver makes a deal out of it no cops will be called Bynum plays god he took the bike off

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