Friday, December 4, 2020

TriMet bus scanner December 3 (1219-2400)


7248 “he was threatening to beat everyone up”

204 barrier under bus and now lots of barriers are on the bus

Car hit bus rider claims injury  7245  part 2

Walking in middle of the road

4401 saves them all

7702 “vulgar language special needs”

All the lights are out

671 piss bus

1104 reports fire

“Obstinate and too high to function”

7005 “she’s sun downing” say your block part 3 he’s got her

242 mask drama

7105 “triggered”

Feces on seats cleaned

470 someone threw hot chocolate through drivers window driver not upset at all

1520 sleeper

4403 complains about a 4  here’s the response from the 4  Julie pretty funny

1501 cat abandoned  in the bus wait the people want the cat!  part 3


6468 has too much time on his hands

Thomas! no horn just drive

1705 sees hit and run

Where’s the cleaners?

4872 ear piercing sound

7101 “cussing at me saying weird stuff”

7502 shit on seat at bus stop

The GO AHEAD with road report

Some sort of operator torture

1270 why is my follower behind me

7107 lunatic on board he left

“I took a tumble on the bus” mike? 

“I was hit with a cinnamon roll last week”

2042 priority  needs directions

7702 bus driver accused of telling rider that bus is Covid-19 danger

5272 man starting fight

6468 rear ended  car is totaled

Crossing gate broken off

9472 HOTTTT driver denies it 

7512 mirrors  bus was stopped  He handled it wrong and got lecture 

Bus driver reports other bus driver left rider behind

TriMet will NEVER get the signs fixed

2072 unsafe driver seat

Mask dramas

671 torture

2044 loud verbal mask drama leads to spitting on barrier

7255 parking brake falls off

“My bus has bad brakes”

“I made the wrong turn”

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