Sunday, December 27, 2020



Living in da land of da free where we have freedumb

409 "2 kids say this guy is a harm to them"   get the police   part 3   cops take the guy off

939 riders "getting into it" she wants ACTION she's rolling

7501 "tripping and spitting"

235 "masturbating on the corner"

something up with 2137   i think he's sick

2048 "he is shining a laser light at my face"

1505 won't get off-get in the ditch

2468 ditch person trying to keep warm

"the leon that walks like a penguin"

901 "aggressive black male took lost and found item"

7103 being torured

406 "she's cursing at me"

2052 "he's coughing and removed his shoes and mask calling me a fucking liar"   "going to hospital"  "we will be treating this as a covid bus"

"it might be attention seeking"   "he stopped"

"she was yelling at riders"

403 suffering trimet torture

5268 broke her tooth

1706 just drive

7509 want's to kill them all

1508 propane tank criminal getting on train  just drive

403 he spit 3 loogies all over the bus

the Englishman   

"tripped over the curb"  "my bus is idling rough"

3502 bike riding graffiti criminal-who cares

leader in technology

stomach problems


1707 "involved"

1404 pedestrian threatened riders and following the bus on a scooter 

1239 pull behind 1201 and pick em up

869 The 54 has from flat tire. Bynon says that’s not a priority!

5472 Check out your flat

5472 Deboard everybody. Flat tire!

1239 pick up passengers from your follower.

1201 Puke

Face vomiting

bus & passed out in the seat.

4868 Operator from the board is running late.

934 doesn't like the cleaners

7204 Loud&Verbal Banging on the windows. I asked him to sit up!

801 Biohazard

Biohazard sign

7204 Loud&Verbal Standing There and started screaming &threatening me.

Scanner Star

Medium star

Just drive dude!

2045 Exhaust fumes. It’s unbearable.

hahahaha--->801 Seat belt. Maybe she needs keto?

1269 The east side of broadway.

KILLS THEM ALL-->671 He’s got a machete and laying in the ditch. I’m not letting him on the bus. KTA woman!!!!

Streetcar Permission to walk down the ramp.Attention A&B loops.

Trimet "thought leaders" can't fix the bus doors to work   And more doors

5469 Bus still won’t start. Hour service and no extras.

Despicable---7668 Honered Hop raking passengers?

2072 Side wipers. No trucks on the weekends. Too bad!!!!

672 I just witnessed a car hit the side of the wall in the tunnel

7501 Car spinning out in front of me.

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Al M said...

Thanks as always to @realripcity for posting 1/2 of these calls