Monday, December 14, 2020



Collaboration between myself and @realripcity 

covert 5269-banging, maybe screaming, can't tell what's going on 401 πŸ…³πŸ…ΈπŸ†ƒπŸ…²πŸ…· F'ck hop 407 assault-not trimet 803-no fare-no mask-coughing

7508 "she just crying" 7870-"lying on the floor" 867-drive 3134-fireworks allowed? of course 4467-truck hit barriers just drive

5769-puke bus 7935-no fare no mask bio 1705 πŸ…³πŸ…ΈπŸ†ƒπŸ…²πŸ…·

Driving in Circles No full break

Train 85 Walking North in the south Give the horn warning.

Train 85 Hes past the switches. Proceed at walking speed.

407 Biohazard

Biohazard sign

Get in the ditch!

7006 Oversized wheels on the bike.

she's the relief-->5468 No Relief

7102 Reroute confusion

Damn Doors


3312 ACID Aerosal hits at OTC

1401 piece of the bridge fell into the outside lane

2037 Customer Conduct Drinking and refused to get off

1602 Stop doesn’t show up on the cad

937 Police

Oncoming police car

have arrived.

5776 Washington county on the phone. Pull over!

937 There’s this guy pounding and beating up a lady. Lots of punches thrown.

9529 Train order 4 CTC reroute

The Go Ahead

2-The Go Ahead

3312 ACID Damage on doors? Dispatch wants to cover our operators.

5472 Biohazard

Biohazard sign

1237 Sandy Blvd Video


3311 Relieve you at 2:15

1269 huge mirror broken

3312 Loud&Verbal She’s kicking the door taking whip it’s.

2036 Can you make Contact with line 48.

Scanner Star

Medium star

It’s Greg

5769 Causing and bothering customers.

7235 Propane canisters denied

409 Damage on mirror?

601 Drunks broke a bottle of wine and won’t get out of the shelter.


7106 No extras or trades for a couple hours. Relief will bring a new bus.

9122 Special duty at clackamas

409 Did you get the reroute? Didn’t do the red house reroute.

9102 Our friend at winchell continues to try and board busses.

5469 Hit a tree branch. Forced the mirror into the window and it cracked. PA!

5469 I’m rolling! Look for sup at BTC

9104 Accident Synopsis for line 54

9102 Biohazard

Biohazard sign

off the bus. Line 8

4401 Offroute

2-4401 Offroute

668 Loud&Verbal Open beer

Beer mug

869 Loud&Verbal $ refuses to get off. Ditch!!!

GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY-->669 Didn’t pay and won’t wear a mask.

6268 Drunk lady at sunset tc? She’s calmed down. Ditch!

1235 I though I was a 9 on the board

3568 Deadhead to OTC

7508 SA called. Relief running late!



Must be the disposed keeping warm in the ditch.

7002 Operator is frazzled? Say what?

3568 Operator pulled to close to a car and can’t move. Sup on the way.

9102 3568 Can’t move. Too close to a car


3568 Sup on the way. Got you filled.

1201 Sandy Blvd Video! Another ditch call!

1201 Just let him die in the ditch!

1201 medical


is responding to the ditch

7704 More on reroute confusion

7704 Reroute confusion

701 Fire


at OTC by the disposed! Give me a ditch ⁦⁩. Damn homeless trying to stay warm.

9102 404 is stuck!

408 Regular route for line 4? Red house!

404 Still need to do a red house reroute! He’s stuck!

Description! Female dark coat. Ethnicity?

3311 Sup on the way& relief! Bad news about her dad.

9103 on his way. Bad news about her dad.

5269 Silent alarm

Police cars revolving light

Sounds false

Road sup says false alarm

Police cars revolving light

5769 She’s in dark clothing! Just drive!

7513 Couple pushing each other. You should mind your own business and just drive!

2073 Line Training! Welcome to TriMet!

2070 Line Training

Line Training! Have your students call!


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