Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Scanner highlights December 21

 All the calls are posted over at @realpootie at his twitter feed 

5471 “knock down cones or get a p.a.”

1701 wheelchair ran out of juice

Scanner star ⭐️

Dispossessed dying in the ditch

Manhole missing

GREG is blocked

2040 Masturbator

3570 stuck in barrier

Male struck female

“Someone just ran into the side of me”

1701 🥵 hot bladder problems

3123 garbage in elevator

1903 two hazards

6268 rambling rose

7507 “the guy just hit my bus and took off “ mirrors

2435 tree down

1905 “took out the wire”

1269 doors shut on him

1271 COVID 19 🆘 first call

604 “calling me hideous names”

5272 sanitizer

Die In a ditch 💀

Woman wants cart secured, then got off

5471 crashes into a Honda  sounds bad

5535 running out of water

Nervous laugh guy has “sleeper who stinks”

1502/1501 stuck wheelchair “she’s in a lot of pain” 5367 “I’m hurting really bad” rheumatoid arthritis

1709 “suspicious package” 🤦🏼‍♂️

604 DK won’t leave wants ambo

4767 got himself stuck because he missed the turn he’s in a hole ?

“He told me to get F bombed”

Jack in the box denied

467 “she got in my face”

4774 “I had an accident it’s been a cluster” “I wrecked the bus”

Screaming about windows

2 males with dog acting “aggressive”

5771 close call  operator shaken

Bus driver disinfects his own bus

“He keeps circling our transit chasing a teen”

Not respecting trimet authoritah. not excluded fare nazi can’t kta. HC card

“Weird things” on tracks. UFO’s?

Lost backpack

Punch the button and drive

Wants to sleep longer


Bus looks to he in a courtyard

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