Saturday, December 19, 2020



abandoned bus part 2 "you can't just walk off and leave your bus" bus has been there 24 hours sent to see assistant manger-FIRED!

601 3 ADA's passed up 7103 pot hole 12 hour rule

5469-priority "do we secure wheelchairs" 2034 guy doesn't know how to drive his scooter oh no abandoned backpack 5068 operator ILL i think its coffee

3502 over-sized bike scuffs windshield dan kelley KTA tarp bus hit car? 1273 mirrors 8868 wheelchair stuck in the rocks and ramp

673 missed the turn fire department to 8868 257 "he's laying on the floor" "huge puddle" 672 "lake of urine"

7247 windshield wiper busted 667 "she start peeing at the bus stop" who cares 410 sleeper ditch person trying to keep warm KTA 1412 ditch tent in street

1511 the dispossessed dan kelley still worrying about tent-just don't hit it dan and DRIVE 808 lost in sherwood 203 loud/verbal says he wants off then doesnt get off

5102 "he assaulted the bus" ditch or no ditch? 1740 torture 1236 why is your yield light on? 5778 just drive but he has a trimet jacket on

401 won't get off 7510 parking brake keeps popping up "he's screaming and hollering" background car hit maintenance car

"that's not a priority"

1535 wants to kill them all  how does she know what's on the wheels if she's not on the bus?

9110 Bus 3221 You know why this bus is here?

935 Passenger arguing with me and won’t get off.

just drive---->1535 Give me a ditch!

7669 Nowhere to park at BTC

Like a banner in the wind

3569 Kid Tagged the bus shelter and jumped on his bike.

7868 Drinking beer

Beer mug

on the bus and laughing.

9117 7868 Loud&Verbal Beer

Beer mug

7868 Problem child is off.

1238 Are the paper tickets good for more than one day?

5772 PU Capacity

2076 Line Training

Someone coming to clean the bus? It’s filthy!

CLEAN UP THE WET CLOTHS-->Someone coming to clean the bus? It’s filthy!

operator wants new bus

7503 COVID-19

4467 Only use the yield sign on pull out stop

Stop sign

1708 Ditch!!!!!

SCREAMING RIDER- 7704 Didn’t pay refuses to wear a mask. She’s a regular that’s in the ditch!

2071 He broke my front door window because I didn’t know what time the 19 comes.

2071 Upper left window broken. Duct taped it up.

"don't be sorry"

2073 Customer Conduct issues at BTC

2135 people arguing they want police

2135 Police at PR TC

DISPOSSESSED-->9369 Hes in the ditch!!!!


9369 Police got him out of the ditch!

SHIT-->2434 Biohazard

Biohazard sign

Get out of the shelter! Ditch!!!


5774 I passed up a guy harassing other woman passenger.

870 Screaming and calling me a Nazi/Bitch Refuses to wear a mask.

I got 870 Loud&Verbal

1801 Side panel flew open on the Ross Island bridge

942 Crazy guy

5774 Crossing arm on the ground

241 SA stay on it until 4:21

7871 No Relief

7871 Relief is there. Couldn’t find him.

1702 Line Training

7518 Sleep

Sleeping symbol

Fell out of seat

404 rider is screaming-LOL

2236 Missed the turn Offroute

5772 Customer Conduct It’s about masks

Performing arts

5772 COVID-19!

805 Excluded from the VA Kicked the backdoor

1269 Bus vs bus at barber tc

1269 part 2

5101 missed the turn

5101 Missed the turn Wants to back up.

2040 Loud&Verbal Calked her a Bitch!

Pull up busses at Gresham TC

Damn Doors


1003 Were is a restroom?

3513 whines about tent-just drive

9269 Line Training

467 Coffee

Hot beverage

all over the floor

467 Mess on the bus coffee

Hot beverage

7510 Line Training

Train Order 5 Pre emp at 113th & Burnside Stop short!

7672 Next time send mechanical tied up

7701 Bus couldn’t make Montgomery exit. Headed towards Beaverton.


Refuses to get off at Milwaukie TC


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