Tuesday, December 1, 2020



Hahaha. Just drive

Oh no! Blood! He’s on SANDYYY crawling across #ditch. 1901 she fell into the bus 1402 just got hit

5776 masterbator. 7201 missed turn 467 sanitizer Large white van 7247. 9471 windows drama.

1905 fare/window drama 667 just drive no fills-non functioning transit system 3307 "displaying erotic behavior playing with his nipple"

Extraterrestrial alien

just drive 1901 nipple man left 5468-fare evasion

Exploding head

Man facepalming

and went in the back "i didn't see his private parts" 9471 window drama part 2

9470 problem rider-operator upset-call by phone (got flashed?) 7507 mask drama's ongoing 4008 "he was gonna go after another passenger" no relief

3303 no relief-non functioning transit system 7506 "he's pulling signs off the seats" 906 "i have a mental passengers, feces all over" "I wrote it up last week"

management failure falls on operators MIKE?

Exploding head

Exploding head


☟ 𝐋ᶤтт𝐥έ Ĺ€Ⓞη!

Direct hit

Skull box o wine 3570 off route-lost

7507 no relief trimessed up 5469 she wouldn't let him on but he got on? 2101 car hit back of bus and knocked his mirror off

"call Brice and tell him I'm not Marty" 6172 contact lens falls out of his eye who needs heat? 7871 "saying bad words and everything" it 259 where's the bathroom? 1905 "man tries to trip passenger" 6267 cops pulled her over and interrogated man 5768 "thank god she's off"

DAN KELLEY mirrors? or not? 467 riders say man needs help-dk always MIKE throw him into the #DITCH throw her into the #DITCH

945-BLM march 902 "playing with himself" 7550 "I NEED POLICE NOW" "she threw stuff on my in my eyes" ˜”*°•.˜”*°• APPLY TODAY •°*”˜.•°*”˜

woman who assaulted operator on bus 33-cops coming GREG has a road report hit and run? 902 "of course i passed him up" 1740 "he's yelling at me"

"she's aggressive" 473 sleeper

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