Saturday, December 5, 2020

Timet bus scanner December 4 (0000-1230)

 Theses calls are courtesy of @realripcity  

937 junk barrier doors

7202 says he’s sorry

470  no relief fire Kelsey

5267 no relief fire Kelsey

7106 torture

Not enough operators  fire Kelsey

1702 loud verbal but he’s leaving

No relief fire Kelsey

944 marking off

5272 drive slave

1705 leader in technology 

262 mirrors

1237 making threats he demanded my drivers license 

4402 yelling and screaming operator complaining about lack of support

7004 no cleaners around


Station agent calling

4771 misses turn

Bus drivers aggravating bus drivers

2043 torture

5767 rider being threatening

Leader in technology she’s working 14 hours  has 90 year old grandma 

9103 woman refuses ditch

2147 man going insane

868  won’t get off

5101 stuck

2067 reports fire in parking lot

Not enough operators 20 cancelled for 92. Fire Kelsey

667 die in a ditch please

7867 wrong turn

No train. Fire Kelsey  it was cancelled

9475 confused

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