Saturday, December 5, 2020

TriMet bus scanner December 4 (1230-2400)

 Calls via @realpootie

7243 “grumpy customer”

5460 spongy brakes

8868 kicked raging lunatic off

263 no kerosene allowed

3301 rider cursing won’t get off

1409 dan Kelley “he’s telling me to shut up”

5774 no more 47’s or 48’s

5468 lady tripped on tracks  dispatch says stop and walk back

In the ditch

Up and down and all around

Another portapotty bites the dust

Cops looking for this guy?

901 guys doing drugs-just drive

5536 3 out of 4 people that use their phones  just fucking drive

MIKE is blocked now he wants to KTA

5768 dispossessed sleeper

2075 did you have an altercation-yup-he drove👍

242 torture

675 no cleaners what was the first number ?

5272 bag of shit

Motorcycle vs car

“Carrying in a threatening manner”

Tagger Drive 

In search of broke glass

Thomas speaking

5102 now stuck

Go check on sick operator

6870 torture


Die in the ditch please

1501 mentally ill messing with people

670 “I got hit by a rock”

Captain 1-2-3-4

Mask dramas

3569 “you having a disturbance” “cops wanted him out of the township”

2041 are you having problems with a guy? Pull over let him out

8035 are you sure you’re in the right bus

Mask refusal

7506 woman says he missed her stop “I did not slam my brakes on”

No relief fire Kelsey

Company car

What ?

5470 “screaming mother fucker”

675 don’t pick up but it is the same guy

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