Sunday, December 6, 2020

TriMet bus scanner December 5 (1400-2400)


“They’re fighting on the bus”

7508 rider harassing other riders told driver to fuck off

1505 garbage can used as disposables service

801 💤

408 bicyclist wipes out

671  car is on fire

Hood beaters

7246 pounding on the window (he wants on)

601 torture

934 DK starts verbal with 2 ladies


6268 threatening rider  currently calm  he’s calling the cops

No relief operator not happy

468 mask dispenser pulled off

7510 mirror

Bus “wiggles”

1903 man harassing woman he left and exposed himself

1235 ginger haired guy In mobility device he didn’t need it

Get into the ditch 🇺🇸

1902 needs a bathroom

 801 two propane tanks leads to drama

602 blocking the aisle “shut up” 🤦🏼‍♂️

Metal pipe

Car hits bus

1504 unsafe drivers seat 

He was pounding the door with his hands then used metal object

Don’t pick him up!

7868 “she’s scared”

Window keeps opening


5777 operator ill. Hands are burning from masks

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