Wednesday, December 23, 2020

TriMet scanner December 22

The calls below are from @realpootie TWITTER  @realripcity calls are below pooties 

2035 “ 3 people in altercation” one allowed 2 denied

Priority can’t get ahold of operator it was a medical

“Don’t let her on board”

818 “something strange happened to me, he hit my windshield”

6667 language problem at end of line he’ll take her to end of line 

6269 yield comes on and “supervisor is being a real jerk”

Ditch person driver wants her KTA

7010 😇

Driver is  lost or confused

Just drive 2042 trek bike sitting there

1270 mental health issue left

203 beer all over the bus

4771  “he fell down I think he’s drunk”

473 fight going on

Calls below here are from @realripcity TWITTER ACCOUNT

2036 torture

Scanner star ⭐️

7107 going the wrong direction

Cops know who she is

7678 dispatch says get in the ditch

7510 finds man dying in the ditch

867 don’t hit the tent

4401 “this guy already jumped on someone” first call

33 bus stop is “disgusting crap”

Leaning tower of Giza

Loud/verbal bus 72  she sounds familiar

3568 where’s the cleaners? Peanut shells

1274 is there a porta potty at Tigard ?  nope

7243 “sprawled out and ignoring me”

7008 police emergency-pacing back and forth


1905 COVID-19 🆘🆘🆘 🆘🆘🆘

5535 relief will be late

7340 don’t pick him up!

239  😷 drama  she says why should drivers health be jeopardized.. and actually they are not required

Seat belts are required

2073 “big argument going on he won’t leave”

Piss bus

1271 “loud and belligerent” over masks 😷

2070 ditch person in the way


8501 torture

6667  what? Hahahahaha

237 mirrors

667 did you see a bloody man? Nope

7707 “he’s jumping in front of buses and stopping traffic”

5202. 🔥 FIRED! He didn’t know where it was

4 wheel carts. Just take them and drive

5102. Another lost driver. Ridiculous

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