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TriMet public records requests

 TriMet public records requests

Anytime I do a request I go through them. In this case I did a request to get them to post their board meeting which is supposed to be up in 72 hours according to their own web site

12/1/2020 Rachel Ruthenberg Portland Office of the City Attorney
Seeking clarification of request
I need to request the personnel file for Gary Moen, Operator.
1/30/2020 Christopher Morreira n/a
Requesting / Reviewing Records
Accident that occurred in front of Bus Line 14 on Foster Rd. On Tuesday, November 17, 2020. Honda Civic hit my car and then hit Trimet bus. Driver of Civic is saying not his fault. I need proof for insurance
11/24/2020 Jennifer Damiani Scout Consultants Completed I am requesting copies of public records regarding RFP No. RP210048AB (Lobbying Services). 1. A copy of Thorn Run Partners� technical proposal, including the Proposal Price Form and all other attachments that were required 2. Any documents and/or notes demonstrating how the Thorn Run Partners� proposal was scored and/or reviewed and what their score was, including any evaluator notes/comments 3. Any documents and/or notes demonstrating how the Oxley & Associates� proposal was scored and/or reviewed and what their score was, including any evaluator notes/comments -------11/24/2020 David Molina n/a Awaiting payment I lost my bag on the 71 9:38pm on causey and 82nd bus to park-rose or 33 to Oregon city at 9:41pm on November/22/2020 lost and found has not found my bag! And I would like to hold whoever took my bag legally responsible --------11/23/2020 Zina Kraskoff n/a Requested records exempt from disclosure -----------ovember 17, 2020 at approximately 7:30 a.m. I was in communte between Beaverton Centeral and Beaverton TC . . . I am looking for the video footage. [Additional information in request.] --------11/18/2020 Jeff Robertson KATU Completed Please consider this our official request for the bus surveillance cams footage of the beam incident this morning. -------11/11/2020 Nicole Castonguay ETA Transit Systems Completed This is a formal request on behalf of, ETA PHI SYSTEMS, Inc. dba ETA TRANSIT SYSTEMS, to the Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon to allow inspection and copying of the following public records in regard to Request for Proposal No. RP190125TF (the, "RFP"):1 I. Documents specifically related to the RFP: 1. Any and all responding bids or proposals relating to the RFP; 2. Any and all CITY Procurement Committee minutes related to the review of any and all bid(s) or proposal(s); 3. Any and all tabulation or scoring forms relating to the bid(s) or proposal(s) for the RFP; 4. Any and all documents related to the tabulation or scoring forms for the RFP's bid(s) or proposal(s); 5. Any video recordings taken during oral presentations; II. Other items: 1. CITY�s manual or procedures for tabulating or scoring bid(s) or proposal(s). 2. This request includes copies of every document related to the matter, regardless of the format in which the information is stored.------------  11/10/2020 Louis Claudio n/a Seeking clarification of request I need a video recording of a physical altercation that took place on a max line heading east between Hollywood and 60th ave ! On mon. ---------November 9th 2020 around 6:30 pm Police were called and took the other person into custody ! At the time i had no known injuries but hours later i have knee issues and need video for insurance purposes!---------  11/3/2020 Nathan Isaacs NOPO This Week Open pending further action -----------I would like to know the load factors for the Orange line currently, as well as when it was launched, and one year after it was launched. I would like to know the load factor for the #16 bus between St. Johns and 6th and Oak; specifically during the morning commute. I would like to know the load factors for the #35 bus, specifically during the morning commute. I would like to know the load factors for the WES Community Rail currently, as well as when it initially launched, and one year after it launched. ----------1/2/2020 Sandi Hill Keolis Awaiting payment �-------------A copy of the existing contract with First Transit, including all amendments since the contract�s inception; � Complete copies of all proposals submitted as response to the most recent RFP for this operation, including pricing submittals; � All internal documentation prepared by evaluators during the proposal evaluation process; � All documents, presentations or additional information provided by proposers during evaluation or interviews; � Previous 12 monthly invoices submitted by First Transit, including all supporting operating reports; � If operating/management reports are submitted separately from the invoice process, please include the previous 12 submittals from First Transit; � All collective bargaining agreement(s) and seniority lists held by First Transit; � Vehicle accident and incident history since the inception of the First Transit contract, if available; � Summary of assessed Liquidated Damages for the past 12 months for the First Transit contract; � Copies of any cure notices issued or audits (both financial and operational) conducted during the contract term of First Transit; � Copies of any written justification for contract cost increases during the term of the contract. � Paratransit service pick-up/drop-off data and reports from the last 3 months.------------------  0/30/2020 Henry Pan Minnesota Reformer Open pending further action I am interested in who TriMet is working with (government agencies, companies, etc) to obtain and distribute PPE onboard its bus and MAX vehicles, how much it cost the agency to outfit vehicles with dispensers, how much it cost the agency to obtain the PPE, how much funding TriMet has to continue doing this, how long it plans to do this, and where TriMet has obtained funding to do so (federal government, local agency partners, etc). ---------------------0/27/2020 Ryan Viken n/a Requested records exempt from disclosure The ORIGINAL Complaint filed against me, Ryan Viken-ID [redacted] by [redacted] specific to the incident that took place in the Mgr's bullpen area at Merlo Garage March 31, 2020. [Additional information in request.]  --------------------10/22/2020 Keith Shepherd White & Shepherd, LLP Awaiting payment I represent Dana Armstrong, a TriMet employee, regarding a motor vehicle crash on 1-21-2020. I would like a copy of the video footage of the crash, including on-board video, as well as any photos of the crash, scene, or vehicles involved--------------------. 0/22/2020 Ryan Nielsen Oregon and Southern Idaho District Council of Laborers Completed I am submitting a public records request for information on all work performed by two companies for TriMet over the last five years. Specifically, I want to know the number of projects/names of each project worked on by each company, as well as the total dollar value TriMet paid to each company for their services. The two companies are both flagging/traffic control companies and they are: K&D Services (CCB license number 218206 or 90541) D&H Flagging Inc (CCB license number 216371) ------------------0/20/2020 Rylie Shewbridge Bellamy Genn Group Requested records exempt from disclosure EAM RG210001LJ 8/24/2020 10/20/2020 Mark Kiernan n/a Completed Max blue line to gresham on -----------------------------------0/16/20 6:30am-7:30am in Portland. Video of man stealing backpack from sleeping boy. 0/20/2020 Steve Wells The Aces, Inc. Requested records exempt from disclosure Tri Met Bus Video from ---------------------------1-25-2019 @ about 10:05 AM from the intersection of S 1st Ave & SE Baseline St in Hillsboro, OR. We recently received Hillsboro PD Report for Case# 19-18963, which details that they obtained video from one of your buses that was traveling westbound on SE Baseline St approaching S 1st Ave and recorded video of a collision. I am requesting the video that was released to Hillsboro PD. ------------------------0/20/2020 Matthew Staley n/a Requested records exempt from disclosure Handicap Bus(es) that serviced Beaverton-Cedar Hills zone on Thursdays & Fridays in 2020 PRIOR TO THE PANDEMIC, so we're talking Jan-early March Dispatch Rosters. The reason is for pinpointing specific young adulUadult foster home names, as these businesses employ potentially key witnesses.--------------------------------  9/2020 Yenifer Garcia n/a Awaiting payment I would like to inspect a video that took place on Saturday, October 17 around 6:55-7:17 pm. I got on bus 93 around 7:00 pm sharp and the vehicle number is 2904 then got off at tigard tc and hopped on bus 76 around 7:12. By I would say around 7:25, I realized I left my smoking pen (defyne battery and cartridge) in the last bus I was in and I got off in attempt to go back and find it. I know someone had to find it because thoses buses dont leave right away and they get sanitized. Either the bus driver picked it up and would like to get ahold of him or I dont know if someone else took it. ------------------------6/2020 Sally Mangas Multnomah Defenders, Inc. Closed (Other) We are requesting all TriMet bus video recordings from the bus that is driven by [redacted] (we were told it is Line 9 but couldn't definitively confirm) for the entire length of her shifts (which begin late afternoon) for the dates of October 4th, October 5th, October 6th and October 7th, 2020. The incident in our case did not occur on the bus that Ms. [redacted] drives but the requested video will be useful as part of our investigation. Walter Murray n/a Requested records exempt from disclosure All records pertaining to . . . [t]he eastbound MAX Green Line train while it was stopped at the Hollywood Transit Center at approximately 4:45 PM on Wednesday, October 7, 2020, including but not limited to video and audio surveillance from the train and the station. [Additional information in request.]

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