Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Trimet scanner December 14


Hayden Talbot was Shelly Lomax's hatchet man

Calls from 0000-1427 are ON VIDEO AT THIS LINK.     

All those calls can be listened to individually at the @REALRIPCITY TWITTER 

7247 "he got off the bus when i shouted"

greg LOL 7508 "she threw a bunch of pizza and won't put a mask on" 7202 "he's scaring the crap out of everyone"

672- "tried to walk through the bushes" no cops just roll 3202 lost 6170 didn't send ready for service 9902 missed the turn

mike road report operator left keys in porta potty 4401 torture 3038 missed the turn 5473 get his ass into the DITCH

9672 LOL! what? DIVISION 247 "yelling obscenities' at me" (sounds familiar) 2043 loud/verbal LOL 6468 misses turn 5469 mask drama

4867+4868 cops/ridiculous 406-FIRED! had to use bathroom is his excuse, which is certainly possible-dispatch not convinced-but he's got more problems, I believe him "screaming"

rambling rose send supervisor 7704 didn't want to get on then KTA kid gets hit by car trying to catch bus

5467 loud/verbal teenager/disruptive/closing windows the "12 went right on by" 7734 "blinding" drive 822 just drive 4870 "N95"

7243 "peeling the seat stickers off" wants him in ditch gas can--->ditch (get a bag idiot) 1274 sleeper and someone banging on the widow 3307 "funny smell on my bus"

john has lady who wants 911 poor 6867 she's going in circles 4772 going wrong direction 1274 left her in the ditch

drive I'd throw something at the bus too 9371 mask drama leave the guy in the ditch, i'm sure he doesn't mind someone climbing onto the bus

guy keeps trying to get out of the ditch but he's dealing with trimet always mike/transit tracker hanging by the cord 2139 he broke the door driver says he has no idea why he did it

7517 hot-reasonable explanation mike's left turn signal won't go off 7737 crazy man on board "he doesn't live on our plantation" mike says police are looking for guy

more mike with mike shit

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