Thursday, December 24, 2020

Trimet scanner December 23


Calls and descriptions by @REALPOOTIE

1512 "i may need to defend myself"  I may need to open a can of whoop ass

235-He isn't cooperating.

Ding Dong

Bus driver Zlavko

7010 Broken bottles

Damn chains

470-Dance party


7705-Because it's Trimet technology dude


942-Oral Specimen Collection Kits?

809 complains about the 9-Cut off by a 9 It was Dwayne

804-Hatch is open? She makes no sense. Something about a restroom delay. Can this op speak clearly for once?

He fell

467-She was hugging my tire

1234-He didn't like my bus

1705-Chai Tea

Victor Scanner star with his usual crazy shit

937-Not moving

7508-Requesting medical...looks ok to me

7508-On their way

2073-shoulder-operator ill-Getting that workers comp

3503-Threatening another passenger

Crazy dude pass up

1406-Propane Dispatch doesn't know? Trying to hide his propane

6268-feel the love-Held hostage by line 56

7516-Don't pick up the problem dude. Maybe the same incident

Day drinking

masks-Protocol please


2068-coughing and sneezing-not covid-COVID

1274-Sanitizer on Sandy

1410-Hitting the bus


Cleaning confusion

2042-Bio Pants

7702-Street lines are faded

5773-break-room  Door


he's blocking the bus-That's correct....That's correct

9912-Drunk dude fell

Be kind to others on the bus and Twitter

2334-Kicked the bus

Customer Service was harassing the rider?

5767-Merry Christmas

936-I hate to be that guy

 Bottle and Can Pass Up should be a button

7503-Won't get off

3309-Oil leak?

3570-Something that never happened is over


5273-Might be someone in the shelter


Open container

7510-Lady threatening. Maybe she doesn't like her $35 Fred Meyer Gift Card?

7105-Banging his head on the seat

468-More propane

467-Just standing there

7711-Send police

1269-She's standing out in the cold

2042-Kicking my back door

2068-Ladies Man

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