Saturday, November 17, 2012

And here is what McFuhrer has to say about making us pay for our health (again)

I went through my open enrollment packet yesterday – and I wanted to share some observations.
No surprise to you, escalating health care costs are among the more difficult challenges we face.This continues to be a top-line issue nationally, in Oregon, and certainly at TriMet. We continue to enjoy among the highest quality benefits available anywhere, but we are struggling to afford them. (you're sure not struggling to afford them)

I guess nobody but me see's the number of employees that Trimet is hiring. You better believe you will have trouble affording anything if you keep expanding like there is no tomorrow. The man is full of shit. OPAL proved that the budget was not as bad as they predicted. The media is fully controlled by Trimet corporatists so it got no coverage. Mcfarlane reminds me of Bush. Lets cut taxes and start a war and then complain that we have budget problems.

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