Friday, November 23, 2012


Trimet executives, professional  liars predicted a $12 million dollar shortage.
Well guess what? They had it backwards. (or they just plain lied which is what I believe to be the truth) Trimet has exactly 15.9 million MORE THAN IT PREDICTED! Where is the media? NO WHERE? And now the tyrant Mcfarlane hits his retirees with more additional expenses. Hard to believe that he can actually get away with this behavior.

Figure it out for yourself using TRIMET'S OWN CHARTS and figures:
Actual revenue $466.70 million vs budget $450.8 million

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Erik H. said...

Quiet, Al!

You know what this means - TriMet will proclaim it has cash to build another MAX line!!!

What TriMet SHOULD do is lower fares, restore service, reverse the ridiculous 12/21/94 split, replace its dilapidated buses...but whenever TriMet has a few extra bucks it blows it on more MAX related stuff and claims "there's no money for buses"...