Friday, November 23, 2012


The executive class in the TRANSIT INDUSTRY operates with an arrogance and opulence that is pornographic to the people that are suffering at their hands. Here we have another of an arrogant executive class:
Top NJ Transit execs get cars for business and commuting |

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Erik H. said...

And yet no word on TriMet's massive non-revenue vehicle fleet, most of which are used to shuffle employees around that CHOOSE not to use TriMet's revenue services.

Just like the TriMet bus stop positioned right in front of the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail project office, where the 33 line parallels and has various stops up and down the construction zone, but TriMet instead bought a fleet of brand new Chevrolet pickup trucks for those employees because God forbid, they actually use a bus.

Or that nice fleet of TriMet vehicles parked at the 7th Avenue MAX station in the Lloyd know, they can't walk the extra 15 feet to the MAX platform. (Or the bus stops on the north side of the building which are actually a shorter walk.)