Friday, November 30, 2012

The Joy of Trimet mass Transit


Trimet is so gay. #32

Really don't feel like I get my money's worth from Trimet these days. 

continues screwing its disabled population-bus is full next bus is full-the disabled sit in the cold 

This thing is taking forever! (@ TriMet Interstate/Rose Quarter MAX Station) via

I see it as trimet needing more rubber bands 

I really need to be licensed in January. I can't deal with trimet

u'd think obvious is a deterrent for an investigative body, but still I have cell phone pointed at my face & harassed on .  

If any PDX followers use , would suggest avoiding the ticket machines at Beaverton TC. 4 are broken. Got charged 2X for weekly pass. 

": But wait: There's more! The kings hill station was closed. Go fuck yourself, ."Where's the mouth soap! Lmao 

Only with can i go from being in a good mood to pissed off in moments. Sometimes i really do hate them 

Fuck . Fare enforcement at jeld EB but none of the f-ing validators or tvms are working! So i can't ride because i have no valid far

Hey would it kill you to get some heat on in this train?  

Frankly I don't care what happened to make it late. Whatever it is happens consistently--so I want you to start planning for it. 

Bus 2503 bad headsign! Running line 17 

-Line 94 at stop 9639 is constantly late? Why? Dont give times 4 arrival if they ALWAYS show up 7-10 minutes late like clockwork. 

Hangin' out OH "folks the train ahead of us is having problems" 

Feels like I am waisting my whole life waiting on late/early/never arriving bus.

RT "Waiting in broken-down MAX for 15 mins, it starts up again... Then lurches to halt AGAIN, five mins later.'  

Hey I just waited 30 minutes for a 71 and now there are two passing each other on the route angrily. Wtf. 

Well 's fancy new bus is spacious and high-tech, but what happened to the seat cushions?! My commute is 20 min and my ass is numb. 

yet again the yellow line is packed with drunk, lewd and disrespectful people. And those clearly who haven't paid for their tickets. 

I told you what happened. She sat at stop for 10-15 sec not opening door then light changed. She left. Bad driver behavior 

I love sitting next to what smells like a tobacco factory.  

Another skipped green line. Sigh. 

Ahhhh! Trimet really sucks sometimes. 

Trimet. You succeed to disappoint once more! 

Man, there is not enough bleach in the county to cut through the stench of scumbag on that bus.  


Bus 2131 has the squeakiest brakes ever! Fix it, . It hurts my ears... 

line 87... Bus doesn't come, at all. Gonna be late to work, yay! 

Honest question: will all of your machines at Lloyd Center ever actually work? Woe to anyone with a debit card. Ridiculous. 

No seriously fuck you. Waiting 25 mins at willow creek. Do you need help scheduling service?  

fuck you and your shit service. Explain Willow Creek as final stop.  

That's not the only way screws the disabled. Generally, they treat us very badly, including refusing securements. 



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