Friday, November 23, 2012

Who exactly is this guy Randy Steadman

Labor relations, Employee Relations & Employment Law:

  • Won 60+ administrative claims of discrimination as in-house counsel; no settlements.
  • In private practice, won 100% of trial claims, motions, arbitrations, and NLRB hearings argued.
  • Reduced outside legal expense by 40%.
  • Managed a two-year, highly visible effort to reverse an IT union representation vote that went 55% for the union initially.  After appealing and securing a new election from the Public Employee Relations Commission, prevailed in a 93% vote against union representation.
  • Served as executive contract negotiator in multiple labor contract negotiations.
  • Workplace Practices Group - Randy Stedman - W-P-G Founding Principal

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Unknown said...

He apprears, when a union leader, instead of negociating, decides to hand out a persons house and blow a mega-phone.