Thursday, November 22, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

TrimetScanner Tweets are HERE!

My twitter feed the past few days seems to include a Citizens Awareness Campaign for Broken TVMs. : time to get them fixed. 

No way to buy ticket on Prescott station yellow line . Want to share now in case I get stopped. :)

the driver of the #4 (253) at 8:11 this morning is not able to drive this route. She lacks the skill to drive a bus down division. 

I love as much as the next Portlander, but these "new" streetcar fare dispensers are SO unintuitive and slow.  

riding on trimet on an empty bus is sketchy 

What the... 1412 had to rev its engine pretty high just to run level Barbur from Bertha around the curve...this bus has problems 

The 33 is 10 minutes late. Bet you $5 it doesn't even show up.  

veh 1412 on tr 9406 is losing power and really struggling to climb Barbur uphill from I-5 

Why is the second bus running FOUR MINUTES HOT???? you have a schedule STICK TO IT  

1421 tr 9405 headsign has no lights and is unreadable this time of AM 

OK what's the excuse thirst time for the #85 not to show up 

STALL: TriMet bus on shoulder of I-84 WB before 82nd, right lane is also blocked, expect local slowing  

New bus smell at 5:40am? Ugh I need my dr. pepper  

Probably. Then Thanksgiving is Tomorrow. Fuck. I gotta be to Hillsboro by 12. Fuck Trimet

To be clear - def not joining ranks of haters - anxious to see budget fixes that return to reliability. 

So , I'd love to pay for my ride but both fare machines at 6th and Pine are malfunctioning. 

Really detest having to walk through cigarette smoke between MAX platform and
terminal, smoking area needs to go away!

It wasn't just late; it didn't even show up. 

The 92 never fails to be late. So frustrating.   

Uh 9411? Its illegal to enter an intersection and block it. Worse when you are in intersection on a RED! 99W @ 72nd (Freddys) 

. Driver of #3506 openly complains about lowering ramp for disabled woman. If I ever need help I hope I get a different driver. 

Aaaaaaand our bus driver missed his turn. - what training are you giving your drivers?? I feel like its getting worse and worse! 

Good news: FINALLY is putting its new buses to work. Bad news: running two 9s back to back is very inefficient!  

Bad news: 9410 way off schedule and I missed her. Good news: lots of room on 9411 two minutes behind. 

I don't fuck with Trimet  

SW 6th & College MAX ticket terminal stuck on "Sorry, we cannot issue your ticket." 

Oh boy I think we got a driver in training. YeeHaw  

Hey trimet, how about you show up when you're supposed to, not half an hour later  

I know what route this 152 reminds me of! The 53! The atmosphere and the passenger type is quite similar.  

Driver of line 12/34 bus 2225 missed two stops in a row due to another passemger stealing his focus 

Good Guy Greg bus driver on line 14: he asked the bus if anyone minded if he stopped to get coffee. 

When is this fucking bus coming? I'm cold as hell! 

that's the stupidest thing.  

: Why does the Trip Planner want to take me West when I want to go EAST. I want to go from E102nd Max to E122nd Max.  

in Germany the drivers had to get out and lower ramps by hand. They weren't ecstatic but they never complained. Wtf Trimet

used to be an awesome transit system back when I'd visit on the regular. 


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