Friday, November 23, 2012

I don't know what to do about Ellen

I kind of thought we might have gotten past our past, but her recent post surprised me:

Now were're gonna jump back in time a bit. About a week or two before retiring, Al Margulies went around to Trimet's Executive offices apparently trying to tie up loose ends, making sure he had the 'last word' before he was no longer allowed access. As a result, I was called into the Executive floors to answer charges he and John Olsen (of Chris Day fame) made against me to Human Resources.
(Addendum: it appears that Ellen may have been mislead by some Trimet personnel. If what she told me is true its unbelievable. It appears this is not just her imagination. I guess they figured we would never talk to each other)

She actually thinks I "went around to the executive offices" Let me state this publicly, I never went to HR before I left and filed any complaints against Ellen. It never happened.

There is something that stinks like a dead fish here. Somebody's been doing some bald faced lying.

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