Friday, November 30, 2012


Trimet's addiction to paranoia and secrecy is heading to the Labor relations board for review. One thing we the pubic know for sure is that the SUPER SECRET PHONY "we believe in transparency" mantra is nothing but a hoax. What would be the explanation for Trimet trying so hard to keep the public out of the union negotiations. No citizens, Trimet is our enemy, trying to suck the life out of its employees and riders . The system is in shambles, the riders are tired of being subjected to the fare gestapo and the employees are tired of being mistreated and abused. Govenor Kitahaber where are you. You were elected by the unions, yet you are a Judas to their cause
Union and TriMet Agree to Seek Legal Ruling
The transit workers’ union announced this morning that TriMet management has accepted the union’s proposal to submit their legal dispute about whether negotiations are to be public to a neutral third party.
“We look forward to quickly resolving this issue and moving forward with negotiations,” says Bruce Hansen, union president. “Once that occurs, negotiations can begin.”

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Al M said...

It's not possible for the union to talk to tyrants.
Trimet has already ruined negotiations.

Mcfarlanes administration has been nothing but failure after failure