Saturday, November 24, 2012

Is it illegal for operators to answer calls from dispatch

I heard that on a dispatch call and started investigating.
ORS § 811.507¹ makes the following rule:

(k) Is using a function of the mobile communication device that allows for only one-way voice communication while the person is:
(A) Operating a motor vehicle in the scope of the persons employment;
(B) Providing transit services; or
(C) Participating in public safety or emergency service activities.

That does say ONE WAY-NOT TWO WAY communication.
It appears the bus driver may be correct.


Jason McHuff said...

It's possible by "one-way" they mean "one-way at a time and not two-way" like you can do on a phone. And non-duplex calls are simpler and less distracting since it's not possible to get into deeper discussion with everyone having to wait and take turns.

Al M said...

Very doubtful Jason, one way means ONE WAY