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Supervisor reports

What's interesting about all this is the fact that Trimet set up its system with completely open stations and never did a thing about fare inspections since the light rail opened. The reason for that is TRIMET wanted to brag about its system being 'the highest ridership per capita' in the United States, which they achieved.They also had the 'fare evasion square' which operated for years. Now the Federal funds have dried up the 'rulers' of Trimet have decided its time to make the sheeple pay up using GESTAPO like tactics.

·     One CS off sick, so we decided to forego Sunset in order to adequately cover RQ hardening while paying attention to former Free Zone (Lloyd & Yamhill District)
·     Still had 300+ arriving at RQ without fare
·     Yamhill was busier than past times we’ve covered. About one-third of arriving customers weren’t aware of the end of Free Zone
·     Efforts at former Free Rail stations are still valuable, as each game brings people who have not taken TriMet since last season.

·     Blazers again had a capacity crowd (previous game was first in nearly two hundred that didn’t)
·     Game went into overtime, lasted 2 hours 40 minutes (about 20-25 minutes longer than typical)
·     Most of crowd remained until overtime ended
·     Strong police presence was appreciated
·     Crowd generally behaved, with a fair proportion having gone through the inspection efforts before and were prepared to show fare
·     Still had more than 400 who needed to purchase fare on the way home: we continue to remind customers to buy Day tickets as they head to the game.
·     Extra service Westbound service was very helpful; appears we still have more customers heading west than east
·     Supervisor held Eastbound trains to give customers time to get through the checkpoints
·     As we got last of the Blazer fans on their way, customers from the Winterjam at the Coliseum exited
o     Brief incident with car in the Yellow Line ROW delayed a Yellow-Ruby Blue getting to RQ-Holladay by about 10 minutes.
·     Was a “Lloyd Patrol” night, so CS staffed had 2 @ Lloyd and 1 @ NE 7th. More than 300 sales in that corridor.
o     Had several dozen who chose to walk when informed fare was required. That number likely would have been greater if it had not been raining.
o     About 30-35% of Lloyd customers said they were unaware that Free Zone has ended
·     Yamhill District had about 10-15% of arriving customers who are unaware of end of the Free Zone.
o     A handful were very vocal/upset that they paid for parking and now have to pay for TriMet. They will likely drive to the arena in the future.
o     But we’re also seeing returning Blazers customers there who understand the inspection effort and have adjusted to the expectation.
·     As pre-event was ending, the RQ platform was hardened and deboarding customers were inspected.

·     Platform hardening inspection was set up for post-event (and several code enforcement staff went to westbound Convention Center to enforce fare payment)
·     Game lasted 2 hours 13 minutes
·     Blazers again had a capacity crowd
·     Crowd started to leave with a few minutes remaining in the game (Blazers had a lead) but when Chicago made the game close, the early exit stopped.
·     Sustained burst of customers when game finally ended.
·     Supervisors held trains a bit wheil customers made it through the inspection gates.
·     More than 400 post-event sales. We messaged to buy Day tickets in the future to make for an easier post-event exit.
·     Had a Transit Police presence and it was appreciated.
·     Most customers behaved, but we did have a few who didn’t. At least one arrest (not a game attendee).
·     One westbound extra service train would have been helpful. Platform became very crowded during one window
o     Although we didn’t have extras for last season’s 18:00 Sunday starts, it’s probably worth doing it this year to help move customers off the platform every few minutes during the main exit.
o     It will help the inspection effort flow easier
·     Eastbound service (with trains being held by supervisor) worked well. Only customers who had extended waits were the Red and Green customers (their service was at 35 minutes by the time most other fans were already on the way home).
·     We thanked customers for cooperating with us during this adjustment to a “fare required” system. Advised them to buy Day tickets when going to future games—and to expect to see fare inspectors on game nights
TPD all bunch up on the west bound side by the Trolley Barn.   It would be nice if at least 2 could be stationed on the east bound side!
For this event the Train Order did not match the Operations Order.  Lead, X had to change the Ops Order in a way that best utilized manpower in an effort to keep from having to have Control reissue a new Train Order. 

Because of how close the score was the crowds all came at once. There was no extra service train for this event and there was definitely a need for one at least westbound.

There were some issues with the ops order for the game Sunday, and I will include issues and remedies in my after action for the manager and staff meeting for future.  Here are some issues that we worked out but may need some attention for future.

1.     Start of game 6:00, should have had all code in at 1500-2300 3-11pm, others game that start 7:00 or 7:30 game’s 4-12 midnight would work. 
2.     Roll call was listed on ops order of 1800, at this time we were in full force of checking fares, so I spoke to folks for this game and told them to be at RQ no later than 3:30 and informed them of their locations.  So roll call could have been 1600 or 4:00 pm
3.     The train order also stated that there was a Westbound train and the ops order made no mention of it, so we had no extra train WB, due to the station agent take it off of the ops not the train order. 
4.     Ops order also stated it was a roam/Lloyd Patrol, but the train order (not your fault) read closing center platform at 17:30, which made no sense because the game started at 6:00, but we went with the train order since Control seems to push back on changes no matter how small.  I had G4S cover the center platform during the break. And kept the order in place at 17:30-21:00 we finished before 9:30.  But to Susan’s credit she did call to see if we needed to push it sooner, I told her we would just go with the way it was written and hopefully have it right for the next one.
5.     Making note that the center platform would be closed 90 min prior to the start of the event and highlighting it is helpful for the person making the train order, easier for them to see..

Time frame that I would like to see in place to make it more uniform when scheduling extras or SD folks.
Game times:
6:00 pm  Event starts:       Code shifts and SD 3-11pm   Roll call 3:45pm
7:30 pm  Event starts:       Code shifts and SD 4-12 am  Roll call 3:45 pm

We did harden the Post event due to the center platform being closed, and checked fares at that location as well as the WB OCC and we had some TPD support and to our amazement (not really) there were folks who thought they could just get on at OCC and without fare to boot, not so lucky their walk continued for those who didn’t want to pay and or had no intentions but to circumvent our fare mission.  And it worked GREAT. But only when we have enough bodies to cover can we do that.
And we could have really used an extra WB train, even though the game started earlier the trains for Sunday are less frequent and there was some delay’s.

      6:00 pm games 1 extra-WB train only
 7-7:30 pm games 1-extra EB and 1-WB needed.

But since we are hopping all around EB, WB, Patrolling, hardening all different maybe there needs to be a matrix on scheduling time for all aspects, due to each controller reads it differently and this might make it easier not only for you but control too..

All my code folks were put to use, and all did an outstanding job, only one complaint about how we conducted the westbound and how they felt it was ridiculous way of doing the code and the train door almost got broke, is what # 2846 stated to me.        But I let him know that it done this way and it’s not like door holders are not anywhere else on our system...Folks need to understand they need to be ready and not hold doors, that is what you as a supervisor should be there telling them.   And as I had to do with another supervisor I had to tell where I wanted him to be and that was West end near the train operator’s window to hold and clear as necessary.

And Ed’s crew of fare sales folks also kudos’s to them too.  As well as TPD.
Hopefully they can get the OK for them to be there pre and post in the future.
Bike racks to harden platform
A individual that was 1234 on E.B. train into R.Q. Transit Police called individual vacated platform.

Passengers walking up to E.B. platform to avoid harden platform at R.Q. Also W.B. at O.C.C.


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