Wednesday, November 28, 2012


When this guy Bruce Warner walked in out of the blue and took over the chairmanship of the puppets replacing Rick Van Beverin (a man with a heart)I knew immediately this was bad, VERY BAD.

And then watching him at work really became scary, this man is polished. A careerist of the first degree, probably has a net work of several million.

Well today he committed pure evil. He blamed all the service cuts on the union, A BALD FACED LIE but did what Mcdickhead ordered.

Its not enough they won the arbitration, (we shall see if that stands up)  but they are still blaming the union.

Good luck to you Warner, you shameless careerist piece of shit. Lying with a straight faced is pure evil. And you better pray that there is no god, because if there is HELL AWAITS YOU! (and macfarlane)

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