Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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It saddens me to say that I no longer trust to reliably get me to my destination on time.
Riding the bus today so I can continue to recover from Coldageddon. At $5 a day it feels decadent, which is odd for public transit.  

This nasty fat man just fucking farted ewww! Fuck Trimet

This train seat would be much more comfortable if I didn't have legs. What a stupid set up. Whoever though it up should be fired.  

Guy just brushed his teeth on the max. I'm not sure how I feel. Smells good, I'm proud of his hygiene...but.. 

u & I are in the same boat there but this guy is honestly 'cracked around the edges'. I just hope he doesn't break 

Nice to see management gets a 3000 on rt 17, while rt 94 gets an old 1400. Why aren't 1400s assigned to the bus management uses?? 

, 35 to portland stuck at LOTC with bad brakes 

might want to tell 94/05 operator that the rear door on a 1400 series bus IS NOT RIDER OPERATED! The Operator must open the door! 

Darn it, outburst of vocal drama excited me, but then it disappeared, needed a good laugh this morning,love bum wars! 

Unless you commute by trimet in this weather & have to wait outside in it just don't... Just don't say a word. 

veh 1405 tr 94/05 headsign "CENTER GARAGE", light burned out in headsign and barely readable. Driver did not verbally call out route 

Why run a schedule ?? One bus 3 min late follower running a few hot???  

it's a little disconcerting because I'm serious, for once. This driver is definitely not all there. 

yeah same deal with this guy. He drives a bit fast but ok otherwise. I just think he's a couple ounces short of a pound. 

Thanks for the first 54 not showing up and making me late to work. Seems like when it rains it fucking pours 

I seriously do wonder what mental health screening does for its drivers because my 56 driver is literally crazy.  

I'd rather be 5 minutes late than 2 minutes early.  

: Love it? Then come and get it.” < Only if TriMet comes to where its at. Gas prices higher than pigeon pussy! 😂 

Fucking Trimet 😡 I need to learn how to drive!! 

Putting all my trust in to get me to the DMV and then my job interview by 11AM tomorrow.

Driver of line 77, route 05, bus 2708 almost missed his signal due to reading the newspaper! 

80-90% of Ctran & TriMet drivers I encounter are great, or at least polite. The 10-20% who aren't don't help the pubtrans cause. 

I feel more safe riding the late at night, than I do right now. These people all look like sketched meth heads... 

Aaahh, a refreshing breeze from behind me on the bus as a lady coughs on the back of my head.

The new Tron trimet bus's smell like plastic,rape and bleach. 

I'm soooo that even my tie has goddamn trains on it. Trains!!! 7:30pm  

I hate trimet drivers... I just got carded because he thought I wasn't a minor.. 

Woot:3 Some nice guy just gave me his day pass for Trimet. 👌 

where is the damn blue line? 

Bought someone's fare today who had no money.  

as in, before any other consideration or question... until we have real democratic oversight, all we be a'muddle... 

When people put their makeup on on trimet.. Bish, you still ugly ! 

Thank you female driver of wb blue max id 106 @ downtown mall @ 5:02 pm for letting me on after you had closed the doors.

Bus just ran a red light. Good one !! 

It saddens me to say that I no longer trust to reliably get me to my destination on time. 

A dude on the 9 is rocking an old school portable CD player. The dream of the 90s is alive on TriMet.  

fix your goddamn ticket machines. 

Standing load 51 running our last trip up the hill. Nothing unusual. If only would acknowledged it 

Of all the strong bus odors I've been exposed to, I can't complain about the smoked salmon smell on this #17. 

Kid who is saying, "wah wah wah" purposely to annoy everybody riding you need a timeout. You're not even really crying. Shh you brat 

It just makes my night to get slugged in the face by someone's wet dirty backpack as they push past to get a seat.  

Now a woman is putting on liquid foundation w/ her fingers on theMAX. But it's CoverGirl Clean Nakeup so I guess that's okay.  

thanks for reply but not going to bother. Nothing ever happens from cs write-ins & a crazy driver that's on time is better than most 

My bus driver is batsh*t crazy. Made a guy get off the bus because his ticket was ripped. Then told the whole bus why.  

veh 2612 tr 94/10 PA announcements so soft can only be heard if bus is stopped - can't hear over the engine.

This bus is already 10 minutes late and the driver is taking his sweet fucking time ughhh

The MAX system map on car 309b by door 8 has not been updated. Still shows Free Rail Zone.

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