Friday, November 23, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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i wish i could notice the buses...but alas out in Tigardland we get 's crappiest 18-22 year old buses 

Ahh, good ol' . I get a half workday and already wasting 15 minutes waiting for the no-longer Frequent Service 12 in the rain... 

I've never seen these TriMet officers ever do anything on the MAX they just stand there 

Its early in the AM on a holiday and the 12s coming into Tigard TC are already bunched up back to back????? 

: You thought that too, huh. Trimet use to be concerned. Their old slogan was "We're here to get you (cont)

$120/hr, 5 riders on 94 - my bus is as expensive as WES is on an ordinary day! Wonder how many folks on WES today... 

Illogical. MT Today through 11/25, 1-7 p.m., Clackamas Town Center TC and Clackamas Town Center Mall bus stops are closed. 

Oh yay! Seems there's a whole classroom of kids at , this early? Omg

Bet the lazy fare inspectors won't even check my fare, is that fair? Bunch of bums milkin a check,worthless 

": 10+ Fare inspectors all standing around at 6th and Yamhill.

Think of the real details. Who advertises there? What corner do the bums pee in? Does the bus run on time, or is it TriMet

Never mind. Now the bus is dripping on me. Luckily i have my raincoat on!  

How many people does it take to figure out one of 's TVMs?

Holy crap. The 62 is 20+ minutes late. I wasn't expecting it to be THAT late. At least i was going to be catching the 'early' one.  

The new Trimet busses smell like microwaved plastic. It's an overwhelming experience. 

12 riders on the 1234 transferring to the 94!!! Better service??? 

And 1234 nearly missed the stop Main @ Scoffins, stopped in ctr of street... 

I used to have a one seat ride. 53 minutes later this is what I have? This is better svc???  

Really ? Your police officer just pulled in front of a bus, stopped and blocked 99W and didnt bother to direct us. 

And now 1234 skidded, another hard stop, ADA device slid into aisle again - Barbur @ I-5 overpass 

Bet there's a lot of buses sitting around today letting their schedules catch up with them.  

multiple vehicle accident just south of town on I-5 south. bus and all. must have happened about 30 seconds ago.  

Trimet is so inconsistent. 3 bus 4s past before a 75 even came. 

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