Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bus Drivers and NE Portland Neighbors Push TriMet to Tweak Cuts

 "TriMet management has deemed not to include enough time in their schedules" to continue to the route to Jubitz, where there is a bathroom bus drivers can use 24 hours a day, reads the union's letter, signed by President Bruce Hansen. "For the local businesses that have the outside cafes, we totally understand the annoyance of diesel fumes your customers are subjected to."
Though it bungled the roll-out of the #8 reroute, TriMet has made some changes in response to neighbor complaints. The agency posted signs saying that all idling buses must be turned off and TriMet spokesperson Mary Fetsch says that as a temporary fix, 40 percent of the buses will use a different layover location in the spring.
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