Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Missed the puppets meeting

I was going to go to the puppets meeting but I didn't feel like getting up to attend what is basically a waste of time for the public. The puppets listen patiently but they take none of it seriously (see OPAL).

So rather waste me time there I slept in and watched a movie, a much more productive use of my time.

But I did get a report the the union is attending the first 'negotiation'. That's very disappointing indeed.

I wouldn't talk to the company under the terms they are dictating. Alas it appears our 'union' is caving again.

They have an 'unsustainable budget' which of course is all blamed on the union contract per the world wide movement against unionism. The reality is that Trimet expanded itself into unsustainablility  and is just using the union as a scape goat (as is the template of the power elite to destroy workers pensions and pay)

In the end its the employees who will undue the union, working RDO's, bus trades, and fills, no solidarity, everybody that works at Trimet is making a fortune (a crime unto itself while chopping service into little pieces)

Fuck the puppets, its a stage show and I'd rather not be part of it

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