Friday, November 30, 2012

Mcfarlane, always the bully, always takes the low road

Our beloved GM (actually the most hated) Neil Mcfarlane is of such a viscous character that if he doesn't get his way, and get it NOW, he uses threats and steals our money in retaliation.

We knew he was planning to send out letters saying his employees 'owed him money' He never sent them out. My theory is that if he did that he would finally create solidarity among employees! He in one swoop he would actually awaken the slumbering Trimet employees who keep on working as if nothing is happening. Most of them don't have the slightest idea as to what is going on behind their work lives.

And now he takes out his anger on his employees and does severe damage to his retirees by announcing there will be increases in medical costs and no cost of living increases for active employees because he has no agreement with the union.

HE ALWAYS TAKES THE LOW ROAD. Imagine if he took the high road and instead of forcing these increases down our throats he made an announcement like "we don't have an agreement with your union right now but in the spirit of cooperation I will not be forcing any of the insurance increases down our employees throats, even though I have the right to do that". But that is not his style. His style is take the low road, punish all the poor people that have nothing to do with the negotiations between union executives and Trimet executives. Mcfarlane has stolen 20% of my retirement, just because he can. There is nothing lower in the human spirit than that. If I wasn't such a lazy retiree I would have gotten up in the morning and told him what I thought of him at the board meeting. We'll see what happens over the next month. There is always another board meeting

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Nedwell said...

Al, while I think that you meant "vicious" character, the description of him as a viscous character [glutinous, syrupy, gummy, sticky] works almost as well.