Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Negotiations between ATU and Trimet fail before they start

Trimet is determined to maintain secrecy! This has been Trimet's M.O. for decades, complete and total secrecy, no accountability to the public and here we have Mcdickheads hack Steadman refusing to allow the pubic to be part of the union negotiations. This is Trimet at its best, a self serving, secretive, unaccountable agency. And now they proved it to the world.


Al M said...

From Bruce Hansen:
On November 19, 2012, the Amalgamated Transit Union, which represents TriMet’s employees, informed TriMet that it wanted upcoming negotiations to be open to the public. It did so in reliance on ORS 192.660(3) which states “labor negotiations shall be conducted in open meetings” unless both parties agree otherwise.

Today, TriMet’s executive director of labor relations, Randy Stedman, responded that TriMet will not agree to conduct negotiations in public. Stedman further stated that TriMet would not comply with the public meeting law’s requirement that say the media and interested parties must be notified of the meeting time and place. He also said TriMet would not allow the sessions to be recorded.

The Union, however, insists that transparency govern the negotiations. “Our union has made a commitment to our members, riders, rider advocacy groups, community stakeholders, the media and citizens of the community that they will have full access to the process in these upcoming negotiations,” said Bruce Hansen, president of the Union. “We intend to honor that commitment.” Hansen has informed TriMet that the Union will not participate in the first negotiation session on November 30, 2012, unless TriMet agrees that session will be held in an open meeting and that TriMet will honor Oregon’s open meeting law requirements. TriMet has not responded.

Max said...

Go Bruce!