Sunday, November 4, 2012

Incredible to watch a real transit union at work

Not the cronyism and  incompetence of ATU 757
Trimet would be in shambles right now if we had just a little of the leadership and solidarity of Victoria Transit.
No, we had a leadership that gave away our right to strike and our right to participate
in our own contract negotiations along with union members who only care about their own self interest
The union will maintain its overtime ban, and drivers will still refuse to wear their uniforms, he said. “Job action will continue as it is now, and there is obviously the possibility of it increasing.”

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Al M said...

They better win this court hearing about "paying back" Trimet.
That should be an automatic win, even the arbitrator said it was illegal.

Never got even one statement out of our leadership calling Mcfarlane a liar like he is, only some little post that said "we are challenging in court"

Weak kneed leadership when it comes to taking them on in our behalf. They struck at Lift and that day they had it settled.

Something smacks of collusion here.