Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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Dozens of Trimet personnel @ RG doing what 1 turnstile could. No way to run a RR 

Cool shot, never seen the inside of there machine. RT “: This will break shortly. . ” 

I don’t normally care about the condition of a bus—but the new buses are super-nice. 

The first time ever riding a trimet bus for me 

Hate when i am late to q placr and the trimet has to stop at place for a couple off minute . 

Trimet I love you but you're bringing me down 

Why do I ALWAYS have a loud foreign person right behind me having a phone conversation????  

just waiting, and waiting. 🚃🚃 @ TriMet Cascades MAX Station

plus both machines at Holgate on the are broken . so much for the one stop rule. 

Fucking why can't your drivers meet the schedule? It's your schedule, make a new one if you can't stick to it. 

people be doing that on trimet!! most chicagoans know better they mite get robbed out the pencil pouch 

Another ticket machine fail. All 3 machines at USBancorp tower won’t take cards. 

the 'digital' sign in the middle section of MAX car 205 isn't updating properly, heading towards gresham, and it shows as hatfield.. 

Just wanna say driver of the 12 line today bus id 2936 is a good one! 

Dear Sir on the Bus, that's a great discman. Does it come with the new ESP Skip Protection?  

Freaking trimet. Scares the poop outta me. 

Just saw a trimet driver school a woman who complained that he was letting too many people on the bus. 

RT : This bus smells inflatable.  

I just got charged twice at Goose Hollow and neither machine printed a ticket. I'm out $10 and I missed my train. 

I lost my November trimet pass. Fuck my life!!!!! 

Brutal series of edits on a tight deadline, bike locked in impenetrable room, trimet delayed like hell. C'mon Monday, is that all you got? 

Fantastic parenting if your 13/14 year olds are running around on bus @ 10pm on school night. Seen on  

Dozens of Trimet personnel @ RG doing what 1 turnstile could. No way to run a RR 

We're freezing our asses off at the bus stop, and you say "it's cold out here!" Congratulations! We all hate you.  

i used to be happy to get on trimet

Fuck the new trimet bus design. The front always smells like rancid piss.  

Trimet is fuckin scandalous!  

Trimet is scan 

ticket machines at 6th and Hoyt and the previous max station downtown aren't working with credit cards. 

makes things very inconvenient when you randomly turn a blue line into a red line at Beaverton TC. Lots of people get displaced. 

ticket machines at Conf Ctr actually work 

bus number 2103 please be a defensive, not offensive, driver; please stop punching the breaks; please stop tailing cyclists.  

The driver of the 88 just now helped a 'handsfull' mom with a screaming kid carry her stroller off the bus; while smiling. 

I started a job downtown in sept and have not had a week of commuting without some stupid issue. What the $100/mnth for?  

both ticket machines tweeting loudly and are inoperable at NE 9th Ave MAX. Is entire system down? 

Fighting words! is cheaper and cleaner than and doesn't make horrific screeching noises whilst one rides it! 

Ah, TriMet. Train stalled for 15 minutes today. Why? Don't know, message system was not working, all I heard was "mumble mumble". 

delays on max blue line wb, parked alongside hwy 26 waiting to enter the robertson tunnel. 

I just watched a man dig through the trash for 10 minutes while waiting for my bus. Viva la

I, among many others, are tired of rising fares yet the same problems still continue to be issues. it's ridiculous. 

I just got on a green line Max that left the station 2 minutes before scheduled departure. Why does this happen so often?

for example, they've removed paper schedules from most bus stops. Even with a smartphone, I'd like those back. 


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