Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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This is ridiculous. I've been off work for 2 hours and I'm still working on getting home. F this trimet system.
The new busses feel like a throw back to the late 70s. This may take some getting used to.

My bus is late  

.: Days of Woe, entry 1 — Thanks for using this bus stop as your personal bathroom. What a nice scent. I'll wait over here instead. 

I noticed that one of the electonic signs on "car" 407 on the MAX blue line is damaged, the middle section of the sign is off. 

This is ridiculous. I've been off work for 2 hours and I'm still working on getting home. F this trimet system. 

Dear : the #9 is always full around 9 am and passes many stops leaving students late. Why can't we get as many buses as Hawthorne? 

I could go on another rant but i only have one word for you today :

New, fancy buses are new and fancy. And still full of idiots.

Trimet bus is seriously 10 minutes late or more when i need to ride it... 

First mistake of the day: drinking 3 glasses of water before starting my commute. 

Looks like Trimet's either fixing the machines at BTC or replacing them. Either way, I hope those machines work! 

14 bicycles on one car of the Max train.  

both ticket machines at the holgate stop on the are not working! Please fix them  

both machines, on the North and south platforms, at interstate and Killingworth are down. 

or, at least, one is down and the other wouldn't accept my payment and told me to call your offices. 

Well I guess I'm lucky to purchase a pass @ beaverton TC, to bad I can't trust you to put more the 5 buks in the machine  

So , couldn't fix it? Its like a lame attempt for people to pay fines, or force them to bunny jump stops. I bet your mom thinks u suk 

Are you 4real ? Cannot issue your ticket , seriouly, wtf! 

Okay now the new bus is making extremely angry beeping noises going up Burnside toward Barnes. 

TriMet Makes More Friends: One peculiar thing about almost every ligh...

ATTENTION NIEL MCFARLANE- i took the fuck you neil off my profile picture-i expect you to be nice now

I looked up at that crush load 94 bus downtown...and said "boy I am glad I DROVE today!!!" Well worth the price of fuel and parking 

Some people just LOVE to flap their lips on the bus  

I seriously hate schedule. There should be a bus every ten minutes from PCC. 

I see you're people here. It's still beeping. Going on 3.5 hours of beeping. 

First time I've seen 'TriMet Security' on the Max. How did they know I was feeling particularly insecure today?  

If any trimet bitches come check this max I'm screwed. 

These trimet ticket machines combine a terrible user interface with broken card readers. 

Based on the utter technogical failure of these machines I suspect USians should not be allowed anywhere near a voting machine

Really need a pub on the 20 line. A quiet one with good ginger ale, between downtown and 39th/ Caesar Chavez Blvd.  

driver of 2136 bus 2315 announcing every stop. Awesome! And he has the announcing voice!! DO NOT take him off this line! 

What the hell do I care 3 days later, you dimwit? It's not like I'm still standing there waiting. I took a instead. 

It's times like this I hate  

Wow fuck trimet

But if your boarding stop is dark and unsafe (on shoulder of road) too bad for you...  

Wow, C-Tran buses are way nicer than Trimet aha 

Thanks! I love riding the MAX, but stressful when you have a fixed schedule & ticket machine isn't working. 

I don't think the bus was full. It just sucked because I was tired, cold, and had a long commute. Just wanted to get home. 

Had to submit my question to via the form, since they don't understand social media, then after it asked "If I am a Fan", *scoffs*. 

When the Transit Tracker says a train is "due" it's not technically lying... But my train was "due" 5 minutes ago. 

White knuckles (@ TriMet Gateway/NE 99th Ave Transit Center)

The honeymoon is over. New buses suck because windows are too high up. Can hardly see the scenery. And I'm not even short. 

bus 1818 has unlit rear taillights (headlights looked on) while driving in the dark up Bethany blvd! 

now driver 2139 bus 2534 slamming on the brakes! Wtf ? Do this driver have a led foot? 

line 2139 bus 2534 was going to ask a question and he said "Not while I'm driving". We were at a red light  

I love that stop at 18th and SE Holgate still gets announced when it's been closed for at least a month and a half. 

Late PDX voters: the brainiacs are conducting MAX inspections tonight. If you're headed to a ballot box, make sure to buy a ticket.



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